These are a few images we recieved from families who adopted our puppies (and some of our own). We love to hear about our puppies, so email us a photo if you like. Click image to enlarge.

Video of Sadie closing the door

Video of Dapper Dan, Bubbles & Merry Clowing Around

March 2021 - Judy, I couldn't ask for a more perfect dog. He's my very best friend. Thank you for breeding such wonderful animals. Jenny

Mavrick and Jenny - July 2019

Riley for The 4th 2019

Charlston "She is absolutely beautiful. Thank you."- May 2020

Daddy Jingles.

Mama Irene with Dapper Dan, Bubbles & Merry 8/6/2018

Dapper Dan, Bubbles & Merry 8/22/2018

Dapper Dan at 8 weeks.

Awsome Nanny 6/11.

Rachel and Nanny 11/08.

Bubba & Nanny - June 2011.

Play Time With Erik 10/11.

Clifford 8yrs & Olivia 2009.

Slick 10/08.

Jonathan Seagull and his Buddy 10/08.

Burner & Slick, a Generation Gap That Works, 11/08.

Bubba & the boys - fall 2007.

Proud parents 2/05.

Rachael and pup 4/05.

Riley Winter 2004.

Tug sneaks into a bath! 8/04

Freedom for Oliver 12/03

Abby 12/03

Lucy & friend ready for a boat trip.

Clifford Christmas 12/03

Willow 12/13

Willow 3/13

Victory at sea 2013.

Puppies! 9/08.

Abby 2013.

Pippy Long Stockings 2013.

Victory (now Roscoe) Christmas 2013.

Proud dad 2005.

Charlie at the beach 2013.

Charlie's Family Photo 2013.

Bob Proctor With Best In Show.

Bob Proctor Chooses Pick Of Our Litter.

litter at 7 weeks 2014.

Lefty at 10 weeks.

Bob and Linda get Irene's approval 2016.

Venus loves and is loved.

Venus Relaxing.

Denver with his family 2016.

Surfer Boy at home 2016.

Inseparable Brothers 2016.

Rocky at home December 2018.